Fall Happens in California, too.

For most of the United States, fall has fallen and you might be covered in white stuff.  But, here in the central valley of California fall is just now peaking.  And it’s a few weeks late.  P.S.-We don’t ever get that white stuff!

Back in October, I wanted to drive up to the eastern Sierra mountains when the fall colors peak and there are a lot of places to see the various colors.  It’s fascinating to see the colors change on the hills and mountains.  The higher up on the hills you look, the darker the colors.

Anyway, since I have been out of work for the past few months (and counting),  I could not afford a tank of gas to go take some photos.  I figured, “Well, there is always next year”, but maybe not.  I went to my nearby HMO for a scheduled check-up a couple of days ago and really noticed the trees in their courtyard and in the surrounding area.  They were at peak!  So I went back yesterday afternoon with my camera and wandered around the parking lot taking pictures of the leaves.  I’m sure I got some weird looks!

This just proves that you don’t necessarily have to travel to find some exceptional nature.  And the best part is, you can still be lazy to do it!

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What a Difference a Year Makes! (and some rain)

Last year, on the last Saturday of March, I took a road trip to the Carrizo Plain National Monument west of Bakersfield.  I was extremely disappointed.  In fact, I took less than 10 photos on that trip.  There weren’t very many people there, either.

Fast forward 1 year to the last Saturday of March this year.  With some timely rain in the area, Super Bloom 2019 was on!  And the place was packed.

Here is a shot from Overlook Hill from last year:


This year:


(I wasn’t able to get the reflection as there was a bit of a breeze on Soda Lake)

The hills to the west (last year):


The same area this year:


The colors were just AMAZING!  Some of the other “tourists”…not so much.  Even though it is not allowed, a lot of people were walking all over the flowers, crushing them.

Anyway, here are a few more shots from the 2019 trip in the National Monument.



The drive through the hills on the old, narrow country road north of the National Monument also provided me with some great shots and beautiful views (and very few people).


A very beautiful day!

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